Solid Rock Youth Group is seeking a Youth Group Director

Solid Rock Youth Group is a joint venture of Rock of Life Christian Reformed Church in Willmar, MN and Unity Christian Reformed Church in Prinsburg, MN.  We currently minister to 40-70 kids in grades 6-12 from the Willmar and Prinsburg areas (with total populations of about 25,000 in the Willmar and surrounding areas).  Pay is undetermined at this time, but salary ranges will be from 28K-50K depending on experience.  Rock of Life CRC is the official employer, but Unity CRC reimburses Rock of life for 1/2 of the director, van, and training expenses.  All applicants must be willing to teach and adhere to a Reformed perspective and church theology, which can be located here:

Solid Rock Youth Group has their own building where they meet on Wednesday evenings (and hangout in unstructured time on Monday evenings) called “The Rock” which is located next to Rock of Life Church in Willmar, MN.  SRYG has one main fundraiser during the year, which is to install and remove docks from area lakes for three Saturdays each spring and 3 each fall, for which lake home owners donate to the program.  Dock work typically raises significant funds which are what funds the activities for the year.

Although we have a strong affiliation with Central Minnesota Christian School in Prinsburg, MN, we also seek to develop relationships with kids from all area schools, as well as ethnic backgrounds.  Applicants should have experience and have strong relational and outreach skills, including to those of Somolian or Hispanic descent.

We are currently looking to fill this position after our current youth director followed a prompting from God to move closer to his family in Michigan after having a baby, and we will provide contact information if you would like to follow up with him during the search process.  We are more concerned with finding the right person to fill this roll that God has provided than filling the position quickly.

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HOW TO APPLY: Send your resume to  If you do not receive a response acknowledging the acceptance of your resume within 3 days, please call Tim at 320-441-9299 (or call him if you have any questions) to ensure that it did not get caught in a spam filter, etc. SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 18, 2017